I too Sinking

Suddenly is the globe seems sinking—sinking like our mad -ken in the mid-night hours—,men running fast through fire,Hell roars in extreme force nor Heaven didn’t smile as often—like a parent debars his one,only deformed kid,they want to leave this world—dejection and horror overwhelmed! the clouds are tearing apart the blue colored silence,thus rattle the sharp unsettled skies,its dirge for the night that I called furious that what expectation’s breath one can’t breathe—
Alas—the pure beads of lives,Once springs with merriment crowns— are now in the flood—Since I haven’t cried or forced to leave away:or hide or to veil the pride..But I talk

“I too sinking by the day called today”


To Heal

T’is how a muse conquering my slender age,
Naked moments and flightless gloom.
Dreams more unripened, but lively own;
From thee I fled unconstrained.
Sins discolored my retention when you hide from me,
Solemnly then dwelt is my Pathos.
When night’s and days swept, sullen;
Below your heavens lodge, my lost ecstasy.
Every parent wants their bright child,
Brighter, an ace can do, morrow’s shy lark.
Wipe it my wickedness my lord! Let my birth fulfill.
Let me serve you Within your Cupid will, more radiant!
You Giving me a life that I can heal
That Tend Me breath with you till my death and after.

Shall I Like An Eternal World

Shall I like a world eternal?
To think what love can be bright;
Serene skies and shiny blue moon light;
A ribbon of peace what stars can bring, Divine.
However, to think a world of truth is
more strove and stress.
To god who has to will, I ask,
why this world so grief;
my sisters are forced;
No trust bore its seed to grow,
Pain, in fact, out-stretched.
Lord! Lead my world;
and gift me your Eden’s garden
For love to lease a deity pride.