On Looking Upon the Sky

That bluish pot is far in infinit’es streamed up cloudy flight,
with skillful light and myriad stars when gloomy darkness our’s night
Quavering birds with shaking wings;they fleeting above prolonged sky
Eternal your’s and stillness surely timed; which nought in we yet why?
                                                   Nithin purple


On A May Glory-A Welcome Song

O’ sprite full Maia,come attire our lands with your boundless prize,
Of joyful swelling by the natures pleasing bloom,and green surprise;
To sprout a floral bedding round the yards and shades for worthy dales-
For birds to spin their adorned bowers over the dewy boughs and vales.
Hail! to you goddess–deck the forest’s lingering beauty,thus come-
Let streams do flow across the thick and bushy meadows over your prime,
For hawthorn white and lilies to bud,and converse fragrance in air,
To wind down our minds with breezes blow,groovy lift’s cools us lighter.
Mid mate of months,come and show your primeval splendor and glee-
While south is praising vintager’s autumn, north’s propitious spring do fly
And make the country lush with garden fruits, more sweetest scent’s they spray
To Fill each rose with flavors long, for all the ardent grooms they pray
Come Glitter, glitter lusty rays,and sun is warm in moderate mood.
Behold! the coming of her’s, bees gathered among the newly buds.


On A Night´ward Innovation

You mighty night,let throw my visions away,
From a mocking storm,and scornful tide’s roars,
You seducer moon,your crystal eyes astray
Don’t Forecast my failing,you vainly shores.
Ah! night is Bleak,yet sailing my innovation,
This life’s, to swell my spirited decoration.
And booking a  jubilant, keen ‘passion’
Then sways,my muse and own supervision.
My aches are binding, love me adventure!
Thrill me Night,and glean my numb-less sight
To write in golden truth, and strike in venture.
O Night! you cheering back,insane your spirit!
your’s soundless nimbus; bearing mine wonder
And keeps until the next day starts trace me….


On Desire

No rules ne’er rest your pinions,but low hope;
To wake my wondrous thought’s in many and many
And your wander alters minds madden swipe.
Your cottage fill of dreams, of freshness wing,
Which power brake your noble flow,and how?
O’ my sweet, sweetly touch; when ever you sing!
Let me spread your secret cipher,with emotes,
Most colored yours,still man needs you,do you?
So, though he mortal sleep in still your shades,
With somber ideas here, too far wish I glide
From this world -sour with hopeful Ecstasy
Let soul is pure,but Here is mine that fade
Misfortune leads despair with fear desires,
Your beauty utterly falls; nothing wakes?

On The Insight Through Poesy’s Weed

Hence was late upstart,yet states and stars with inspiring arts would find,
When much is tripping unto history’s past, let i, gaze to charge and bound.
Weld my fanciful world in heaven’s muse: new tunes, does brim in pleasure,
Sought Desires in Delphic tunes,an antique taste,my quest’s could treasure.
Phoebes,by whom admired me curious thoughts,so brawn,this Titan’s name,
Outshines some vainly stars,when greatness thus partakes very lyrate fame,
Through olympus in majestic car, through souls these music’s godly weed,
Wrought refined present’s towards mankind true poetry, our’s dainty need.
When of ken does work, here solely mate is brain with hasting beam forth,
Like a lately dawn ‘scaped from its father’s lap,to natures change’s breath,
Therewith some awful embraces feels; wakes this thoughts from dying lyre,
Nah,not death these things,yet generates fast and show its zeal,and dare.
Sieves the verses from darkness,life its golden lark do gladly announce.
Lights with gift’s from Dorian’s specular driven tones, far these years.

                                                        Nithi­n Purple

Constant Not Life’s Hours,Yet Decline

Shall it human’s life as quivering clouds like wandering in its urge?
Such do e’en curious flee ,yet yearning thoughts as strangers risky be.
Owes the starless nights a haunting dream about our’s fickle image,
Since these roaming bees of despair are hiding keen its dismal hive.

Hope and strain are earthly elements, fame it do mold a mortal gate,
Then by with day by day lament, doom to us faint its wondrous dread.
O’ Constant not life’s hours if violent call’s do therewith seconds fate,
Thence finds eludible isolation: where do have an unshaken death?
                                                             ­                       Nithin Purple

An Elegy For My Loss From The Origin Root

For the clay, a cold and swoony theme,
It owns a remember’d wreath’s sadly way,
As if in rolling tears they passing them.
O’ rest in,the void and empty’s languid may.
You being’s so closer god,an echo yet sad,
For mortal days,or as in my wretch’s soul?
Favor’s in deepest pain,the mourning bird,
Of doom’s and ceased ways of illness hurl-
Reach her night’s airy height,a village,its truth lost!

Where the shadow of the scene,in last eyes
While white the clouds wept for sullen all white
You are in dew,the sharp,when crystal loss,
Melt the name in rapid fire,while are wilt.
come and perish, life to death in its trot,
kind of precious pearly halo it works taint.
Roll to mine sorrow,you enatic root’
The unseen fly that flies in radar height;
To meet her in pillowy roost,is now dream that waste.


Once the queen of winning moments; you live
As a bright bird who sung that solemn song
Of mirth and beloved with natured love
For those with the imbued soul’s they pang
From morn and night to seek their dearest love,
And lov’d you oft when they need richly most
with your devoted face that pure and active.
From now glory might commute but that kist
Which time that self made with sadness flow;the tear sea.