On The Insight Through Poesy’s Weed

Hence was late upstart,yet states and stars with inspiring arts would find,
When much is tripping unto history’s past, let i, gaze to charge and bound.
Weld my fanciful world in heaven’s muse: new tunes, does brim in pleasure,
Sought Desires in Delphic tunes,an antique taste,my quest’s could treasure.
Phoebes,by whom admired me curious thoughts,so brawn,this Titan’s name,
Outshines some vainly stars,when greatness thus partakes very lyrate fame,
Through olympus in majestic car, through souls these music’s godly weed,
Wrought refined present’s towards mankind true poetry, our’s dainty need.
When of ken does work, here solely mate is brain with hasting beam forth,
Like a lately dawn ‘scaped from its father’s lap,to natures change’s breath,
Therewith some awful embraces feels; wakes this thoughts from dying lyre,
Nah,not death these things,yet generates fast and show its zeal,and dare.
Sieves the verses from darkness,life its golden lark do gladly announce.
Lights with gift’s from Dorian’s specular driven tones, far these years.

                                                        Nithi­n Purple


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