When I Live With Fancy

‘while this fancy a stretched art,
When cheers,her beeps long and live ,
when from secret eyes so well dart,
To scan in peace and solemn strive.

Like Caring wings of zephyr’s drift and blow,
As wet streams they run so widest and rush,
She from tents of flora,mind’s lonely flow,
With her wings of strongest and lofty wish.

Gaining is solitude with climbing those skies,
Not far from my arts,but live in her heart
Which the ripples that form in motive eyes
By nature we  live and die, fancy’s smart.

Tendrils like spreading neath its lurid world,
Sprouting rooted whimseys all the way they-
Enchanted living hues,such with splendour bold,
And Ornate jeweled minds domed abbey.

Freshly born from winged celestial genre,
Pour’s blissfulness of the visionary Heaven
With clearest music that your lyre shall we adore,
And let us wander with soaring romance even.

Ethereal your aspects all yourself sensing,
How well conceive us,and teem from a high domain,
Goddess of alchemy be,bosomed, inward Swing
For delighted swain over his sylvan paths he spin.

Renowned with a flowery smile,which wonders entwine
To morning may of glory with its swimming cloud,
Then float over the hills and plains of greeny zone,
O’ There the rosy prime born Anemones are bud

Therein Spring its mild harvest gleaming uphill east,
Larks hid neath canopy boughs,made musical tweets,
And the temperate sun’s red glazing appearing most.
Rave rooted fancy rambles everywhere the range meets

Now on the riverward sits with eager bored,
Under the fecund natural trees,which casting shade
For the seasoned brooding views which being fancied,
Are thoughts of the sweet beloved Once farewell bade.


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