On An Arctic Winter

Cynthia then holiness spread in arctic dews,
From lately month that it pinion’d the living world,
There did swell the mild and greenish meadows,
Winter anew with frozen gold of treasury wild.

Moonlit beam mixed with atmospheres frigid cry,
Earthy sister,wind release’d  and then lightly roam;
Mirth awakes  in  foliages and swing its glory,
Enclasp the misted night the cold,unwilling  fame.

whilst from vales,the fairly streams run copious flow, 
And rivers there streaming nigh with half thawing ice, 
Awaited season bearing her low steep’d clouds of snow,
Earth rob’d its unpleas’d visage ‘gainst the wintery haze

Hazel’s yield its wild outpouring charm afar the woods;
Its fragrance wander’s from Floral eyes to forest streams,
Dimples the pearly drops, they around yonder dells,
And wets upon the clustery- mossy garden farms.

Numb as time,when cold was lagoons and icy yards,
And for those trees,its leaves went watery slumber,
Life hived round the hearth sides of affirming wards,
Where Winged warmth led all with daring number.


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