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Partridge India presents Nithin Purple, author of Halcyon Wings

I have been to the new ray of hope — I, a mused traveler, an Indian, a démodé brain by the very origin, a draughtsman that works for a mechanical wing, an ardent reader of fiction, and the appreciator of many written works. A painter who is really fond of unveiled Imaginations. 

And with me are multitudinous manias that embark in the scintillated pathway of my mind. Creations are more often reflected from the aesthetic gulf that dares to work anew, to write against the modern customs of the World’s present, wretched entertainment.

In my book, I chose to be myself, the one who vows a new cultural age, the dreamt passions still athwart from the soul. One who wrote his Non-fiction work, a book called Halcyon Wings, amid solitude, with a quest waving in me since I enjoyed the wonderful world of mysteries that tempt me to write— as they were my own feathers of freedom to fly. There was a conflict in my life, the agonies that overtook me in all the forms of its glimpses. The past is a terrible dream that awakened me to rouse the effectual sound of self pleasure, since no horror spoilt me. I lost much happiness —dear ones, relatives, friends¬ —though inevitable, to nature’s deep philosophical will, and these are losses that I, as a humble student, still know. My greatest author’s support website is “Cultural Book”, the platform where I started writing and posting my ideas. There I found their cultural values and the greatest roots of literature, and it remains a source of distinct pleasure. 

About Halcyon Wings

I rather like to describe my book as following a fashion of writing with a fine stylus created by myself. Though my mind was perplexed, I implored GOD for great support and strength. Then, the ardent passion fumed with a cloudy surprise, and the creation came, though night by night I strived as the flow came. The book has writings about hope, hopelessness, rage, warmth, God, love and Nature¬. I left my home at the age of twenty-six and had a primordial lifestyle, searching for reorganization, recognition and a stream of knowledge throughout this stint. There was one life that I unveiled and thought: a life with Literature and passion. I found the blossom from the rarest corner of my life. Halcyon Wings was my invention to grasp liberty in a very tranquil way, inside painful elegies, also in memory of my dear friends and relatives who passed away in the past and kept a memory string that joins you readers, if you will read them aloud. These written passages, along with the memories – from one who never wants to keep anything buried within himself – are there to let another know how overwhelming was the painful terror in the beaten tracks. 

And now, two years have passed since the solitude started, and I am still wandering for new horizons —searching for more knowledge through my throbbing bosom.

For Partridge India

Partridge India has a system that I really appreciate as helping my present success. Getting my work published seemed to be a daunting task at the beginning, but now it is simple as a flowery petal that smiles along the hopeful light. I respect your patience in all the help that my Publishing Services Associate at Partridge India did for me. Great thanks for your undying team support, and for the team member at Partridge India who handled my first proposal (she knows who she is!) for giving me such strong confidence and guidance. 

For Aspiring Authors

“The glory of your dreams still remains, only if you work to find your thoughts to anew, it wakes you in bright light hours from the undulating whim, and Courage never can be blotted; it moves you from the exalted sublime…Work, and win the Gold medals”.

Partridge India trusts this helps
Many thanks to Nithin for telling us more about Halcyon Wings and his publishing journey! Stay tuned to the Partridge India Blog for more insights from authors. Please find our website here. 


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