On Him—Unable to reveal the Name

Then I wake up.after A torturing Dream,back to you:
One beat to the favor of truth that I need forever. There are queries that a few human mind dare shall search. I was religious and still, I must to be with a hidden face who seeks the reality of what I see and what I have seen. I met an atheist when my brain partially developed; He was curious and aggressive in all kind that he was in his thirties and never seen obeyed to a person who said ‘God’ —the more rebellious and furious matter that I ever had discussed, was his, the man’s perspective approach to Science and Metaphysics —that made him unveil the result ‘there is no GOD
What…? I had to collide with my thoughts one other and it was difficult to blind myself or rather I wants difficulty. If the soul self the domain of a human being, tell me what is it? Is there a soul that was created by a God or it is just a poetic concept that antique poets and saints used in describing contents to support a Myth. A God, who was said to be the creator and all the Lords belong to him.
I had to go and look for him with an- emergent explosion of mind, was it happened as I need the facts to be unveiled. When I was doing my first research to life and its origin and never knew that he was a typical person who has Ideas that can penetrate the past and present. He does! Many of him is truth, often controversial —which have the effect of questioning the Dummy God  and its existence. I was burning my head all the nights after happen to pass through his volatile approach to Particle physics and the awareness that he tried to impart to us with a natural quest and Originality that a few men envy of. Ofttimes it batter to my ears as his words entering to the World to show us the answers of this infinity, so called the vastness or a phenomenon. How I do, to out pass his knowledge, he talks physically and it is what happening here, there and everywhere. Was he a Darwinian? Or he talks there is no Spirit which was built by an Out-lander, who promotes power to the entire being, who surviving and yet survived . But he answered again ‘There is No God’ but a Satan lives in each and every malicious-mind.

Nithin purple, 


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