Dictated Revenge

There must be no comparison  with any force for present stage for me to repel;no longer I need that curse;but `scrutiny’ is my very genuine habit —that I  do gaze into the prolonged elements of theWorld;and there are many wonders round that above said `World’ ,I will make that World as a ‘study room’ that imparts ‘Cultural knowledge’.When the World is my `Muse’,the cradle of civilizations,once rich and Cultured with transient pleasure.Now will we see those Cultures were torn from the society of all those had good names and darkness prevailed through the gloomy,deserted mankind and sadness is the answer alone.To the very point of view its all about a forest of wild and rugged characters of mankind;with extremity my mind wants to prove and `revenge’ for a manly voice —since I kept the very word,which in my opinion is a slow process;to demonstrate for the present wretched society, to follow with peaceful views or if they can’t, let them perish by misfortune and grudge one another,are those,who made the Earth’s beauty blushed and all her hopes and happiness, until her deep shills I heard with a pensive mind.So that thence I found my arrows of self intention,a secret revenge as my ‘pen’ I held high,and named it as my `Sword’ and for those however never seen the real horror.


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