He Lives Amidst Literature

Drowned by his thought and now getting completely puzzled. His tiresome chirping would hear as if a cricket sat pounding, the poet sung lonely in his own disequilibrium. Did life bend upon his curiosity; multiple thoughts ran in him and random queries with fragmented Arabian views.  He had themes of dreadful subjects; politically dread  when his life introduced a terror to get her gloomy. He kept aside his humor for a time to come. Moreover, the time has arrived to make it explode .Now he would wander in the clouds, higher—   to win the joy back to the origin. There are mates new born for him—the unbroken silence and its true sister the tranquil solitude. since the burdens are away from him he wandered next door to ensure the rest of his time he lives like a struggler never before.Now he went with his Ancient attitude, more expressed from his obscurity— unclear yet for the society who shatter his views in a rediculous manner.Now the madness tearing him apart, he wrote lines of horror and often sarcastic, as if we was died and reincarnated from the barren Indian soil from a cause of a curse. Spontaneous, he was so much wild to compare his past, and since handful of dreams are coming forth in his new pages.

Betrayed by an Arab girl whom he called his wild soul—Angel, who espied his beautiful daring thoughts, who is an Arab wardress, by whom his thoughts once blossomed in myriad thorns in variable shades of grey and white and more-often darkened.who helped his new blowing thoughts,which was an impact of her magical inspiration that nurtured him and ended up in a revenge.


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