VENUS AND CREPUSCULE-Beauty and Violence On Me Thrown

The sadness which occupied the poet as a result of inconsideration and negligence from the wild society.While writing his book his heart began to bleed , nobody helps him or promotes

him, he is surrounded by enemies and falsehood community. The world behind him chatters its teath with disdain and jealousy.But the poet doesn’t bother any thing and tries to bring both the Nature’s fine beauty and his sad gloom into his work,as he finds pleasure with his madness.His mental stress and agony grow wider and wider,  he gives birth to his fine lyrical work. The poet collects the beautiful views he gets from  his native village, he sits inside the green forest, near the lakes, lagoons, near the sea  and writes his poetry.

The book has both beauty and gloominess,he likes to decorate his book with it, to give the reader anxiey ,fear, and agony (the real emotions of the poet itself),he tries to inject it amongst his readers to understand him and help him,he is waning day and day,and his books exhibits the various beautiful elements of the kind nature. The book is a collection of metaphysical and  insightful and visionary material .


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